New Product Development

New Product Development is an important factor in the growth of Falcon as a company.

Based in the Centre of Technical Excellence, the NPD team works closely with sales and marketing to produce innovative products that will meet and perhaps even exceed the ever-changing needs of our customers.

The designers prepare every aspect of a new unit using the latest CAD technology. Products are tested rigorously in laboratory conditions to ensure they meet appropriate safety standards and legislation. Key staff are active members of industry-leading technical groups to ensure we are always aware of the ever-changing legislative environment. Whether that is discussing the Energy Usage Product Directive or the latest hygiene standards, you can be assured our team has it's collective finger on the pulse.

Products are life-tested in tandem with vigorous culinary activity. They are also assessed in field trial situations to determine that they operate outside the realm of the factory. This takes place prior to the final touches being made before the equipment in question is being readied for production.

The result of all this development, testing and re-testing is a range of robust, reliable products perfect for the demands of any busy kitchen. Continual improvement to existing models and constantly adding to an ever- expanding product portfolio means that there is always forward motion when it comes to product development at Falcon.

Manufacturing Base

Our modern manufacturing facility and highly skilled and experienced workforce provide flexibility to meet any demand.

Development Kitchen

The Falcon Development Kitchen is where our products are tested to ensure the units do exactly what they're designed to do.