Falcon's development kitchen

Development Kitchen

Falcon products are designed with chefs in mind.

The development kitchen is an integral part of our operation and it carries out three main functions:

  • Developing and testing new products
  • Demonstrating products in operation
  • Working with client chefs to maximise menu and product compatibility

The kitchen is a vital part of the development process. Shaune Hall, our experienced development chef puts prototypes through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure that it will work in the real world not just within a computer design package or in the laboratory. Every aspect of each product is reviewed from cooking performance, ergonomics and health and safety perspectives. This includes evenness of cooking, heat-up and cooking times, ease of cleaning and maintenance, positioning of handles and noise levels. Information is then fed back to the product development team to make any necessary modifications for a particular unit to meet the rigorous standards that are expected from a Falcon product.

The development kitchen also provides a perfect platform for hands-on demonstration of individual products or an entire cookline. Customers are able to experience the many benefits first-hand and to try them out for themselves. By visiting the factory and being able to see the equipment being used, customers can be confident that they are choosing the right equipment for their business. It also provides clients with direct access to our development chef, who is always on hand, before, during and after sale to offer advice and guidance on getting the most from the equipment.

If you and your team would like to visit the factory and our development kitchen then please, contact your local Falcon distributor or Area Sales Manager.

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