Comparing Range Types

In order to give you all the information you need to choose the appropriate oven range for your business, please see some useful comparisons of energy efficiency heat up times and heat emissions of the different types of ranges.

Energy efficiency

Heat up times

The table below shows the time it takes (minutes and seconds) for different models take to bring 1 litre of room temperature (20°C) water to the boil.

Type Power Pot Size - 180 mm Pot Size - 230 mm Pot Size - 250 mm
Induction 5kW 2.17 1.23 1.49
Gas burner 5.3kW 16.09 7.42 7.07
Electric hotplate 1.75kW 6.26 8.03 7.59

Heat Emissions

As you can see, an induction range provides significantly less heat emissions than open top or solid top gas burners, contributing significantly to a much more pleasant working environment for kitchen personnel.