Fryers in Focus

In this section you will find lots of information on our fryers, including how to choose the most suitable fryer for your kitchen and chef's tips on perfect frying. There's also information on filtering oil in the form of a video showing how easy it is to do with our fryers with built-in filtration and more advice from our chef. Click on any of the links below to find out more.

With over 40 different fryers, from a light duty LD50 single pan countertop or E3862 complementary models to high output E401F or G1848X units, there's a Falcon fryer for every kitchen.

Outlet type Brands suitable Possible model Oil Capacity Chip Output
Cafe Pro-Lite / 350 Series LD50 7 litres 8.5 kg/hr
Village restaurant 350 Series / Dominator Plus G3830 15 litres 32 kg/hr
University F900 / Chieftain / 400 Series E401F 20 litres 58 kg/hr
Chain restaurant F900 / 400 Series G9341F 18 litres 32 kg/hr
Production kitchen Chieftain / 400 Series G1848X 30 litres 64 kg/hr

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Oil Filtration Made Easy

See how inbuilt filtration works...