Falcon - Leading the Way in Induction

Why Choose Induction?

There are four main benefits of Induction over traditional gas and electric cooking:
  • It saves energy
  • It saves money
  • It saves time
  • It is cleaner

How Does it Work?

High frequency alternating current flows through a copper coil below a glass-ceramic plate. When a pan with an iron base is placed upon the cooking zone, a magnetic field is created to heat the pan base. The heat then transfers directly to the pan contents to provide fast, efficient cooking.

Why choose Falcon induction?

Our F900 and Dominator Plus induction appliances have been designed for commercial kitchens as direct alternatives to gas and electric equivalents. This means that they are hard-wearing and long lasting. Falcon induction models have a lifespan of 30,000 hours – that’s equivalent to 10 hours per day for 8 years.

For those kitchens that don't need the high power and performance of Dominator Plus or F900 but do want to experience the benefits of induction for themselves, we also have our One Series induction models. These units retain the reliability and build quality customers expect from Falcon but with a lower power and price tag. These units typically have a lifespan of 10,000 hours.

Our Induction is Fast

The table below shows how quickly our different models take to boil 1 litre of room temperature (20°C) water.

Type Power Pot Size - 180 mm Pot Size - 230 mm Pot Size - 250 mm
Falcon Induction 5kW 2.17 1.23 1.49
Falcon Induction 3.5kW 2.39 2.18 2.31
Tabletop induction 1.5kW 4.44 4.16 5.18
Gas burner 5.3kW 16.09 7.42 7.07
Electric hotplate 1.75kW 6.26 8.03 7.59

Notice how the different pot widths impact upon the boiling times. This is due to each induction appliance having an optimum pot size - i.e. the base of the pot is the same size as the coil underneath.

Our Induction is Cool

The graph demonstrates how little heat is emitted from a Falcon induction top in comparison to other model types. This contributes to a much more pleasant working environment.

Our Induction is Great for Chefs

There are so many benefits to chefs when using induction. These include:

  • Fast – heat is directed straight into pan providing faster heat up times
  • Control – instantaneous heat at your fingertips. Can move from simmer to rolling boil almost instantly.
  • Safe – low cooking surface temperature and no naked flames reduce risk of burns.
  • Versatile – provides the same flexibility as a solid top as multiple pots can share heat zones.
  • Easy to Clean – hob simply wipes clean regardless of type of spillages meaning no scrubbing required at the end of service.

For more information on induction, please view our Buying Guide: Choosing Induction or contact us directly.

Designed for a busy kitchen

Falcon induction is designed for commercial kitchens and is subject to a number of tests to ensure its suitability. Watch the video to see one such test - the drop test.

Knowledge and Expertise

Falcon Sales Team
Our sales team are very knowledgeable on all things Falcon and are here to help you decide if induction is best for you.

Read about the sales team's induction training here.

Product Range

Our Dominator Plus induction series has expanded rapidly in recent times. You can now choose between ranges, boiling tops, wok induction and single zone countertop models. For details of all of these, please visit the Dominator Plus induction page.