The 12 Methods of Cooking

There are 12 main ways to cook food, a significant number of which will be used in kitchens all over the world every single day.

These are:

Baking Boiling Grill from above
Braising Poaching Grill from below
Pot Roasting Steaming Shallow fry
Roasting Stewing Deep fry

While other methods are used and discussed, such as blanching, sautéing and searing, they are all a variation on the 12 methods listed above.

Why is this important?

In order to buy the most suitable piece(s) of equipment for your business, you need to pay attention to your menu and how it needs to be cooked. The table below highlights the major pieces of commercial catering equipment available and what methods they are capable of.

How versatile is each type of kitchen equipment

The table shows that grilling from above and below can only be performed by a salamander grill and chargrill respectively. For every other method, there are at least three pieces of equipment that provide that capability. Having a unit that can carry out multiple methods means you have some backup should the main appliance for any particular task fail. For example, just because you can deep fry in a range doesn't mean you shouldn't consider a fryer - what it does mean though is that, if the fryer breaks down, you can still offer fried food to customers. The incredible versatility of an oven range is the reason it remains the cornerstone of kitchens throughout the world.

Other things to be aware of are accessories. For example, your menu may be mainly steaks and burgers for which a chargrill would be a necessity. However, if there are normally onions, fried eggs etc accompanying these, then you would likely need a griddle too. Our chargrills have a griddle plate accessory that may be sufficient to allow you to cook onions and eggs on, allowing you to perhaps afford to buy a larger chargrill or simply save money and space.