Indispensable Kitchen Equipment

School meals are vital - they provide our children with a healthy, nutritious meal that gives them the energy and fuel for learning and playing. In order to deliver this type of meal, it is important to have the right equipment to make it much easier than ever before to produce great food. Falcon provides the ideal equipment for school caterers - our ranges, steaming ovens, fryers, grills and combination ovens are indispensable to school cooks up and down the country offering unbeatable performance, reliability, capacity and flexibility.

What equipment you need depends upon a host of factors including number of diners, service period, menu choice, kitchen space, staff skill level and budget. This section will give you an idea of the most popular models we regularly sell to schools. There is no hard and fast rule however - each kitchen is unique. Please contact us directly and we'll be happy to discuss any requirements in more detail to ensure you choose the best equipment for your individual needs.

Our most popular models include:

Oven Ranges

We have many models available but among the most popular are:

G3101 - Our multi-award winning six burner range is the cornerstone of many a school kitchen. Versatile and robust with a 2/1 gastronorm compatible oven.

G3106 - This offers the same great features as the G3101 with the added benefit of a fan-assisted oven.

E3914i - Our induction range offers the ultimate in energy efficiency, speed and flexibility. It features a four heat zone, an easy to clean glass hob and a 1/1 gastronorm compatible fan-assisted oven.

For more information on ranges, please read our Buying Guide on Choosing an Oven Range.


G3860 - This twin basket, single pan fryer has a chip output of 54kg per hour (or 360 x 150g portions), making it ideal to cope with demand.

G3840F - This twin basket fryer has inbuilt filtration which makes it easy to clean the oil, making it last longer and keeping the quality of your food to a high standard.

Our Buying Guide - Choosing the Best Fryer for your Business contains a lot of useful information to help narrow down the extensive fryer choice in the marketplace.

Steaming Oven

The G3478 steaming oven is perfect for producing bulk or individual items. It is also WRAS approved.


The G3532 grill is a useful addition to any kitchen. Power and flexibility, suitable for all your grilling needs.

Combination Ovens

A combination oven is, after an oven range, the most versatile piece of equipment a kitchen can have. Capable of delivering 8 different methods of cooking, a Falcon combi is perfect for so many school menu items. They have become very popular in school kitchens, able to do most of the cooking functions previously carried out in a steaming oven and oven range. Having a combi and a range in a kitchen provides the ultimate in versatility and flexibility. These allow a huge choice of items to be produced to cope with any changes in demand or menu. For smaller kitchens, or those with limited demand, a compact combi is also available.

While all of the above models (with the exception of the E3914i induction range) are gas-powered, in most cases we offer electric equivalents.

These are just a small selection of the products available from Falcon. Many are suitable for any kitchen environment, regardless of kitchen size. Our combination of products will enable you to provide your children with delicious, nutritious and varied food.

We are available to offer advice and support to ensure you purchase the most suitable equipment for your particular situation. Please contact us for more information on how we can help.

Need Help?

Not sure what equipment is best for you? Talk to our experienced and knowledgeable sales team, who will be able to advise on the most suitable equipment for your needs. Our development chef, Shaune Hall, is also on hand to answer any culinary queries you may have. There's a lot of ways to get in contact with Shaune:


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