Focus On...Combination Ovens

There are 20 different models in the range - 6, 7, 10 or 21 shelves, 2/3 or 1/1 gastronorm compatible, manual or interactive touch screen controls, portrait or landscape layout, standard or compact widths, stackable - there's sure to be a model that suits every kitchen.

This page brings together all of the information we have on our combination ovens in one handy place, so you can quickly see for yourselves the different models we have, stacking heights, differences between the various models and so much more.

Features Explained

Just in Time - Different food items can be cooked simultaneously (at the same temperature), with the oven alerting the operator when to insert each food item so everything is ready at the same time. A good example of when this would be useful would be breakfast serving for a large party of guests.
Multilevel Cooking - Different food items can be cooked simultaneously (at the same temperature), with the oven alerting the operator when each food item is ready. For example, this would be ideal for a busy buffet-style restaurant serving many different types of vegetables.
Ecospeed optimises and controls energy usage based on the quantity and type of food item being cooked, maintaining the proper cooking temperature. This results in significant savings in energy and water and less food weight loss.
Green Fine Tuning delivers 10% savings in energy and CO2 emissions through the burner modulation system and patented heat exchanger.
Ecovapor reduces water and energy consumption via the automatic steam saturation control in the oven chamber.
The High Efficiency Design incorporates air conveyors in the oven chamber and a high pressure bi-directional fan, resulting in perfect uniformity and shorter cooking times.
The Integrated Washing System features 3 different automatic cleaning programmes, plus a quick rinse programme, meaning any type of debris or food residues can be eliminated quickly and easily.
Calout keeps the steam generator free from limescale preventing the build up of deposits, ensuring a continuous supply of pure steam, maximum energy efficiency and increased oven longevity. This is not an automatic feature, the oven will alert you as to when CALOUT has to be carried out and the process takes 50 minutes, during which your combi will be out of operation.
Autoclima ensures the oven chamber has the perfect temperature and humidity to suit the food being cooked, retaining moisture and ensuring a much improved eating experience..
The Interactive Cooking System features almost 160 automatic cooking procedures for all types of food and cooking modes, including reheating, warming, vacuum cooking, browning and defrosting.

S v X v T Models

What are the main differences between the S, X and T model combis?
Feature S models X models T Models
Control System? Manual Interactive Interactive drag & drop
Programme storage? 99 400 Unlimited
AUTOCLIMA humidity control Yes Yes Yes
Automatic steam control Yes Yes Yes
Energy management system Yes Yes Yes
Water management system Yes Yes Yes
Dry heat control Yes Yes Yes
Multi-point core probe Yes Yes Yes
Automatic washing system Yes Yes Yes
Hand shower Yes Yes Yes
Just in Time function No Yes Yes - intelligent recognition
Multilevel cooking No Yes Yes - intelligent recognition
Fan adjust? No 6 speed 6 speed

Quick Start Guides

Just taken delivery of your new Falcon combination oven? Why not take a look at our quick start guide to help you get to know your new machine?

Standard Models


We have a huge number of accessories available for our combis. These include:

  • Containers and trays
  • Non-stick pans
  • Vegetable grids
  • Chicken grids
  • Skewers

Please see the full list of accessories here.

F900 Combi Cabinet

Do you have an F900 cookline and don't want your combi looking like it's stuck on the end as an afterthought? Why not consider our N9100 combi cabinet, designed for standard Falcon combi models? With 16 x 1/1 GN runners behind the double doors it's a stylish way to finish off any F900 cookline.

Compact Models

Electric models, 2/3 or 1/1 GN compatible, direct steam rather than boiler, Autoclean, handshower and probe supplied as standard:


Compact v Standard

Standard and compact Falcon combis have exactly the same features, the major differences are in terms of size:

  • All compact combis are 510mm wide – narrowest standard combi is 875mm wide
  • Grid positions in compact combis are 63mm apart – this rises to 70mm apart in standard models.
  • Compact models have no boiler so no need for CALOUT but they do require an additional water treatment system.
  • Compact combis are only available in electric

FSC Models

Electric models, 1/1 GN compatible, only 650mm deep, landscape loading, CALOUT Oven Protection System, Autoclean, handspray and probe supplied as standard:

Falcon FSC 6S combination oven



Stacking Heights

Stacking combis one on top of the other can be a great way to ensure your kitchen has the versatility, capacity and back-up you need to meet demand. Here are the stacking heights for the various combinations available (including stands/legs):

Models Height
LBE-071 + LBE-071 1900mm
LBE-101 + LBE-101 2120mm
FCC 23 + FCC 23 1725mm
FCC 6 + FCC 6 1725mm
FCC 10 + FCC 6 1865mm
LBG-071 + LBG-071 1900mm
LBG-101 + LBG-101 2120mm
FSC 6 + FSC 6 1710mm