Combi Oven Accessories

Accessory Code (2/3 GN) Code (1/1 GN)
Container - 20mm (stainless steel) T2302 T1102
Container - 40mm (stainless steel) T2304 T1104
Container - 65mm (stainless steel) T2306 T1106
Perforated tray - 20mm (stainless steel) F2302 F1102
Perforated tray - 40mm (stainless steel) F2304 F1104
Perforated tray - 65mm (stainless steel) F2306 F1106
Perforated tray - 100mm (stainless steel) n/a F1110
Perforated tray - 150mm (stainless steel) n/a F1115
Enamelled container - 20mm n/a S1102
Enamelled container - 40mm n/a S1104
Enamelled container - 65mm n/a S1106
Grid container - 1kg (stainless steel) R230 n/a
Grid container - 1.5kg (stainless steel) n/a R1104
Non-stick pan with sides - 20mm (teflon-coated aluminium) AT230 AT02
Non-stick pan with sides - 40mm (teflon-coated aluminium) n/a AT04
Non-stick pan with sides - 65mm (teflon-coated aluminium) n/a AT06
Non-stick flat pan - smooth (teflon-coated aluminium) ATL23 AT11
Non-stick flat pan - perforated (teflon-coated aluminium) ATF23 AF11
Non-stick heat input plate - smooth (teflon-coated aluminium) n/a APL11
Non-stick heat input plate - (teflon-coated aluminium) n/a APR11
Vegetable grid (aluminium) GV230 GV110
Spit meat cooking grid n/a F2302
Skewers SD052 n/a
Meat/fish skewer grid GS230 GS112
Meat/fish grid GC230 GC113
Non-stick tray - 6 x Ø120mm (teflon-coated aluminium) n/a TF106
Non-stick tray - 1 x Ø200mm (teflon-coated aluminium) TF123 n/a
Non-stick tray - 2 x Ø200mm (teflon-coated aluminium) n/a TF223
Chicken grid - 4 pc. (stainless steel) P230 n/a
Chicken grid - 8 pc. (stainless steel) n/a P1108