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Care South Choose the Green Option

Induction Helps Them Care for the Environment

A Care South residential facilityCare South provide residential care throughout the South of England. In 2016 they embarked upon a new kind of offering – their first care village, featuring a mix of residential and independent living facilities. They contacted local Falcon dealer GS Group, who have years of experience in the healthcare sector, to design and install their kitchen.

The kitchen had to be able to cope with the demand from both the residential diners, who receive the food served from heated trolleys in the home’s two dining rooms, as well as those non-residents choosing to eat at the on-site Bistro.  The kitchens in their existing estate all had gas equipment installed but for this new venture they decided to look at the electric alternatives available. GS guided them through the pros and cons of the various models available. Induction really stood out, with the ‘green’ benefits such as energy efficiency and low emissions fitting in perfectly with their determination to minimise their environmental impact. As the UK’s number one provider of professional induction products, and a close partner of GS, Falcon products were the obvious choice.

Care South's electric cooklineAn order for an E3904i 4 x 5kW heat zone induction boiling top, E3532 grill and E421F twin pan fryer with inbuilt filtration was duly placed and installed, providing kitchen staff with the efficiency, power and capacity required.


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