Dominator Plus Radiant Chargrill

Add succulent, perfectly branded food to your menu with our range of high performance gas radiant chargrills. The advanced radiant design and heavy duty cast iron brander bars ensure optimum heat transfer and distribution across the entire cooking area.

There are five models to choose from, starting with the 400mm wide G3425 up to the 1500mm wide G31525. Each features double-sided, angled brander bars, individual piezo ignition to each burner and a resting area. To make cleaning the unit easier, a removable drip tray and grease jug are provided while the bars and radiants are also easily removed.

A Dominator Plus radiant chargrill delivers beautifully branded food each and every time.

To find out more about our range of chargrills, please download the product brochure or read our article on Why Buy... a Dominator Plus Chargrill?

The Chargrill Range

G3425 - 400mm wide, 1 burner, 4 brander bars

G3625 - 600mm wide, 2 burners, 6 brander bars

G3925 - 900mm wide, 3 burners, 9 brander bars

G31225 - 1200mm wide, 4 burners, 12 brander bars

G31525 - 1500mm wide, 5 burners, 15 brander bars