Falcon Combination Ovens

We offer two main types of Falcon Combination Oven - standard or compact:

Standard Combination Ovens

With a choice of gas or electric, 7, 10 or 20 shelf 1/1 gastronorm compatible models, you can choose the model that best suits your individual requirements. A further selection of "S" or "T" Series ensures the appliance is even further suited to your needs.

Falcon combination ovens are equipped with a number of superb features that make it simple to produce consistently great food - in bulk or individual portions. All models have:

  • AT-CLIMA - automatically manages the humidity in the oven to ensure perfect cooking results
  • ECOVAPOR - minimises water and energy consumption
  • ECOSPEED - optimises and controls energy, maintaining desired temperature consistently
  • CALOUT Oven Protection System* keeps the boiler free from limescale
  • FAST DRY - removes moisture from the oven chamber, making it easy to produce perfectly crispy food if desired
  • Automatic washing system - keeps oven chamber in perfect condition
  • Minimum of 99 recipe storage with up to 4 steps each
  • 90 recipes already inputted for your convenience
  • Multi-point core probe
  • Hand shower

* not required in compact models

On top of this, our "T" Series models contain some extra functionality:

  • 7" colour touch screen controls have drag and drop tablet-style functionality
  • Multilevel and Just In Time cooking modes allow different items to be cooked at the same time
  • Unlimited recipe storage - store as many recipes as you need
  • Intelligent recognition - oven identifies recipes that can be cooked together
  • Automatic one touch cooking - start your favourite recipes cooking with a single touch
  • Configurable display to suit kitchen requirements - have your most frequent items within easy reach
  • Add your own images to each recipe for easier identification
  • 6 speed adjustable fan enables delicate items to be produced

Compact Combination Ovens

Our all-electric combination ovens provide fantastic cooking capacity and versatility within a small footprint. Measuring just 510mm wide, these units are available in three sizes - 6 x 2/3 gastronorm, 6 x 1/1 gastronorm or 10 x 1/1 gastronorm. These models have no boiler so utilise a direct steam system. Choose between the basic, manually controlled "S" models or touch screen controlled "X" models, which contain the following additional features:

  • Easy to use interactive touch screen control
  • Just in Time cooking mode
  • Multilevel cooking mode
  • 400 recipe storage with up to 15 steps per recipe
  • 2 speed fan
We also offer the 650mm deep FSC model, available with either "S" or "X" controls. This landscape loading model is an ideal way for a smaller kitchen to experience the benefits of combi oven cooking without breaking the bank.

More Information

For more information on any Falcon combination oven, please click on any of the model numbers on the right hand side of this page or download the Product Brochure.

Standard Models

Electric and gas models, 1/1 GN or 2/1 GN compatible:

Electric Gas
LBE-T071 LBG-T071
LBE-T101 LBG-T101
LBE-T201 LBG-T201
LBE-S071 LBG-S071
LBE-S101 LBG-S101
LBE-S201 LBG-S201

Compact Models

Electric models, 2/3 or 1/1 GN compatible, direct steam rather than boiler, Autoclean, handshower and probe supplied as standard:

X Series S Series

FSC Models

Electric models, 1/1 GN compatible, only 650mm deep, landscape loading, CALOUT Oven Protection System, Autoclean, handspray and probe supplied as standard:

Falcon FSC 6S combination oven



Single Phase Models

Not got 3 phase supply to your kitchen? Fear not, we've a number of models that can be run off single phase supply:

LBE-S071 LBE-T071


We have a wide range of accessories available for our Falcon combination ovens that make producing great food even easier. These include:

Trays & Grids
Stacking kit
Condenser hoods
Oven cleaner

For a full list of all our accessories, please download the Combi Accessories Brochure

Autoclean Chemicals

Need to order detergent or CALfree for your Lainox combi? Click here for order details.