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Being a market leader is about more than just sales. It is also about setting standards and leading the way in areas such as environmental policies, quality management, customer service and product development.

The Environment
Falcon's initiatives in this regard shape what we do as a company and we were among the first foodservice equipment manufacturers to be awarded the prestigious ISO 14001 certification. This demands that we must comply with current directives to ensure that any impact on the environment is continually being reduced.

Many schemes are currently in place throughout the operation aimed at reducing energy usage and waste.

These include:

  • fitting motion sensors in the offices to ensure that lights are only on when required
  • fitting timers to car park and street lights to go off overnight
  • converting used cooking oil to biofuel
  • shredding used paper for packing
  • recycling cardboard, plastic and wood
  • fitting variable speed drives to electrical motors
  • upgrading our air handling units to control our heating and cooling systems

What does this actually mean for customers?

We've established the Greenlogic initiative to minimise the effect of manufacturing, operation and disposal of our products upon the environment. This commitment offers practical advice and easy to implement steps on how to save energy, time, resources and money while creating improved working conditions. Falcon strives to develop energy efficient products that will allow the client to choose a "greener" option.

We operate under the AFE Group's Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS). In this we are required to monitor, audit and review with the aim to reduce our energy use. Falcon has a dedicated team who meet regularly to review energy-saving opportunities and has made a number of changes to assist in minimising the environmental impact and financial costs for our customers, business, employees and the communities in which we operate in line with the ESOS and AFE policy requirements.

Focus on Quality
Quality is the driving force behind everything we do – of product, of service and of people. Falcon was also one of the initial foodservice manufacturers in the UK to attain ISO 9001 accreditation for quality management systems. This certification indicates that our standards provide real benefits. For us, it means more efficient and consistent production - getting things right first time. While for customers, the emphasis is focused upon delivering what they expect - greater reliability, more choice and even better value.

Please visit our policy documents section of our literature library to view all our certifications.


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