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Falcon has the products you need for perfect pub food, regardless of what kind of pub you've got!

Pubs and Bars have always been busy hubs for socialising. It is no wonder that these places have adapted through the years offering in addition, casual and family dining experiences, in a relaxed and informal environment. 

Falcon has for many years supported this ever growing industry by producing operation specific commercial catering equipment, fit for purpose and tough to handle the demand.

In the article below our Chef offers some suggestions as to the equipment that pubs and bars should have to help them easily cater for the demand placed on them.

Essential Equipment – The Must Have’s:

Most pub kitchens will typically need a combination of the following products in order to produce the variety of menu items required: 

  • Fryer - chips and battered products continue to be a staple part of every pub menu 
  • Oven Range / boiling top - all kitchens need the versatility of some kind of hob - considerations are what type: open top, solid top, hotplate or induction.
  • Griddle - ideal for a wide range of food items, including breakfast products, burgers, pancakes, stir fries etc. 
  • Salamander grill - many items can be either cooked completely under the grill, such as bacon, fish, burgers or finished under the grill such as macaroni.
  • Chargrill - if, like most pubs, burgers, chicken and steak form a major part of your menu, a chargrill is a must.


The combination of products, the quantity and type of appliance will vary significantly with factors such as number of covers, size of kitchen, size / type of menu, service times etc. all being important considerations when selecting equipment. 

Traditionally, pub kitchen equipment features mainly gas appliances (albeit with electric fryers the exception).


Consideration Points 

  • Usable kitchen space
  • Kitchen layout and design
  • Energy source and capacity available for the equipment
  • Menu, i.e. style of food produced (gastro pub, traditional or bar food)
  • Kitchen staffing, i.e. skills set, formally trained / qualified or cook level
  • Amount of kitchen staff vs seating of dining room / covers
  • Operational hours
  • Business objectives: high output and turnover, or relaxed traditional family dining
  • Equipment budget


Other Equipment – The Nice to Have’s

These products are generally not an absolute necessity for most pub kitchens but can be worth considering depending on the factors mentioned previously:

  • Combination Oven
  • Convection Ovens
  • Secondary Fryer
  • Chip Shuttle
  • Sous Vide


Which is best for my specific set up?

From gastro-pubs and restaurants to smaller establishments providing simple bar meals, through to brewery chains and franchises, there are distinctive differences in equipment requirements for each of these operations. An idea of the equipment required for these types of pubs is given below:

Typical Kitchen Equipment Set-up

Equipment type Gastro-Pub Simple Bar Meals Brewery Chain
Oven range / boiling top 1-2 1 1-2
Fryer 1-2 1 1-2
Griddle - 1 -
Salamander 1 1 1
Chargrill 1 - 1
Combi Oven 1 - 1-2
Convection Oven 1 1-2 -
Chip scuttle - 1 1
Sous Vide 1 - 1
High Speed Oven 1 - 1
Solid top 1 - 1
Flexi Pan 1 1 1


Whether you need to replace existing equipment, add extra capacity or completely redesign your kitchen, our comprehensive product portfolio, experienced and knowledgeable support team and their understanding of the unique requirements of pubs and bars makes us the ideal partner for all your catering equipment needs.



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