Our History

200 Years NOT OUT

We can trace our roots back over 200 years. We were formed in 1819 in Falkirk as the Falkirk Iron Company. This was the year that Queen Victoria was born, George lll was King and the Duke of Wellington was battling with Napoleon. Illustrious brands such as Harrods and Cadbury hadn’t even been thought of and it was another 50 years before electricity was discovered.

Falkirk-Foundry.jpgWe began life as an iron foundry manufacturing all manner of cast iron goods, including lamp posts, bridge supports and railings. The first foray into cooking equipment took place in the 1850's with the production of a cooking range.

During the first World War our factory was put to use producing munitions, with women making up the bulk of the employees with most of the men fighting in the war. 

Women-in-factory.jpgIn 1929 we joined forces with a number of other UK foundries to become Allied Ironfounders, before becoming part of the Glynwed Group in the late 1960s. Glynwed were going through a major expansion and looking to gain a substantial foothold in the foodservice industry and Allied Ironfounders was a good fit. It also gave the Falkirk Iron Co the opportunity to become a more independent manufacturing unit, adopting the Falcon name and logo that they'd used years previously.

In 1979, after 160 years, we moved from our original location in Falkirk to a new site a few miles away in Larbert.

In 2001 the Glywed Group changed their name to the Aga Foodservice Group, reflecting their focus on their foodservice business, concentrating on the manufacture and supply of cooking equipment to both domestic and commerical customers.

2004 saw the company relocate again, with the existing Larbert site too big and in need of modernisation, to a much more suitable home in Stirling, less than 15 miles from our original Falkirk home. This state-of-the-art manufacturing plant was the ideal facility in which to continue to develop and manufacture the range of products needed to further grow the business and meet customer demands.

In 2007, the Ali Group of Italy purchased the commercial equipment arm of the Aga Group, of which Falcon was the integral part. This allowed Falcon to benefit from the expertise, purchasing power and investment the Ali Group was able to offer.


Evolving Falcon

Not only have our products evolved over the years – our markets, customers, processes, legislation, and of course the brand itself, have also changed. We have been able to adapt to continue to meet any changing demands and markets and will continue to do so into the future.




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