convection Ovens

A convection oven is a versatile unit that allows the user to prepare food and keep it fresh until serving. With several electric models available, you can be sure we have one to suit your requirements.

Countertop Ovens

Our new range of fan-assisted ovens enable you to cook with confidence and efficiency. Ideal for the restaurant sector, cafés, tea rooms, coffee shops, deli’s, small bakeries and many others, the ovens will add benefit to catering operations where space, kitchen design and/or logistics, are challenging.

These ovens will allow the operator to cook to order, or prepare a variety of foods in advance, thereby assisting the kitchen, and catering  operation, with providing added output opportunity, performance and flexibility.

With four models in the range, covering 2 oven sizes, manual or digital controls and a variety of options and additional features, we have developed a convection oven suitable for any and every kitchen or front of house application.

Modern in appearance and design, suitable for open plan kitchens, front of house and deli counters, yet robustly constructed to cope with the pressures of traditional kitchens. These new convection ovens are also easy to operate, giving the users confidence in their ability and the performance of the units.

More details of these ovens can be found here:

 Model  Description
 FE2M  3 x 2/3 GN capacity, manual controls
 FE3D  3 x 2/3 GN capacity, digital controls
 FE4M  4 x 1/1 GN capacity, manual controls
 FE4D  4 x 1/1 GN capacity, digital controls


All of the ovens feature a double glazed door with removable internal pane, internal LED light, audible alarm and full height stay-cool handle, amongst a host of features.


We also offer two other models of countertop convection - the 1/1 GN E711 and the 2/3 GN E7202. Both offer precise temperature control and even cooking across the entire chamber, which combined makes for fantastic cooking performance and superb results. Both units also feature internal lights and glass doors for ease of monitoring cooking progress without losing oven heat. Both models also come supplied with a 13A plug, making them ideal for any kitchen or catering facility, as they can be installed anywhere.

Floor-standing Ovens

Floor standing models come in a four different sizes and are packed full of features designed to make an operator's job easier, including 1/1 E7204 or 2/1 E7208 or E7211 GN compatible oven chamber, slave door mechanism and precise temperature control. Superb cooking performance is further ensured with a cook and hold facility that allows food to be cooked and stored at the optimum serving temperature.


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