New Falcon Xpress High Speed Ovens

We’re delighted to launch a brand new product range, the Falcon Xpress - a selection of high speed ovens. The Falcon Xpress range consists of seven different models of countertop high speed ovens, offering a range of sizes, power levels and capacities.

Utilising a combination of convection, microwave, infra-red radiant and impingement, these ovens offer caterers the opportunity to provide the same great food faster, with ovens that can be configured to suit their own menu. They also open up opportunities for some venues to offer delicious hot food for the first time.

All the Falcon Xpress ovens are easy to use and to program, with image-based control panels supporting multiple languages and connectivity via WiFi, Ethernet or Smart USB for easy updating. They are also designed to be easy and safe to clean.

Find out more on the Falcon Xpress high speed ovens here or download the sales brochure.

Falcon Xpress - transforming your takeaway business

With many foodservice businesses having to adapt their offering to get their kitchens back up and running, the Falcon Xpress range of ovens can help provide flexibility, capacity and speed to any takeaway menu. Perfect pizzas in less than 2 minutes, pasta, fish, chips, toasties and paninis are just some of the menu items that can be produced in minutes, helping you serve more customers in a shorter space of time.

Contact us now to see how Xpress can help your kitchen in these challenging times.


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