Lainox Combination Ovens

Lainox are one of the world's leading manufacturers of combination ovens and the perfect complement to a Falcon horizontal cookline. Within the Lainox product offering are two main product brands - NABOO and SAPIENS, both of which include standard 1/1 GN capacity models, oversize 2/1 GN models and compact models, which although only 510mm wide have either 2/3 GN or 1/1 GN capacities.

All Lainox combis come with the following as standard:

  • Automatic washing system
  • Detergent
  • Descaler (boiler models only)
  • 6, 7 and 10 shelf models have a compartment to hold the detergent and descaler containers
  • Handshower (built-in on standard sized models)
  • Multipoint core temperature probe

What are the differences between NABOO and SAPIENS?

NABOO is Lainox's top of the range combi brand, packed full of great features, cooking modes and functions:

  • 10" colour HD touch screen controls
  • Configurable home screen which allows the user to save their most popular recipes to the home screen for faster access
  • Unlimited recipe storage
  • Just in Time and Multilevel cooking modes allow the oven to be operating at a fuller capacity more often
  • Intelligent oven recognition - this is where the oven identifies the recipes that can be cooked at the same parameters currently being used for a multilevel or just in time programme
  • Wifi connectivity - upload recipes from your pc or tablet, download recipes, videos and software updates from an online chef's portal, remote servicing and fault diagnosis and ease of recipe sharing across multiple locations

SAPIENS models are aimed at users who prefer a more hands-on approach to combi oven cooking, with a more basic requirement form the oven:

  • Manual controls
  • 99 recipe storage
  • Numeric keypad for ease of accessing saved recipes

Compact Models:

At only 510mm wide, compact combis are ideal for kitchens who previously didn't have the space or perhaps the demand to justify the purchase of a combination oven. These units fit into the smallest of kitchens and allow any caterer to experience the benefits of combi oven cooking for themselves. Compact models are available in either NABOO or SAPIENS brands.


Lainox have developed a comprehensive range of accessories to help you get the very most from your combination oven. These include:

For more details on all these accessories, please download the Standard Model Price List or Compact Model Price List where you will find the accessories that are relevant for each specific model.

Standard Models

Compact Models

Electric models, 2/3 or 1/1 GN compatible, direct steam rather than boiler, Autoclean, handshower and probe supplied as standard:


Autoclean Chemicals

Need to order detergent or CALfree for your Lainox combi? Click here for order details.

How to Use NABOO videos

We've created a series of short How To videos explaining some of the basic functions of NABOO, including turning on/off, manual cooking, multilevel and just-in-time and using the automatic washing system.

View them all here.