Greenlogic is our blueprint for working towards a greener, more environmentally responsible future. There are three main aims of Greenlogic:

  • Reducing our environmental impact
  • Increasing environmental awareness
  • Supporting our customers in making greener choices

What does this mean?

Our Energy Management Team oversees all policy development, implements and monitors our environmental initiatives, measuring performance against targets and ensuring we are compliant with legislation. Initiatives that have been implemented include the recycling of more waste, in particular cooking oil, waste paper, plastics and wood; investment in our factory has resulted in a significant decrease in scrap steel; and motion sensors fitted to factory lighting. These have resulted in substantial savings in energy and waste.

From a customer perspective, it means helping you make the right prime cooking equipment purchase and supporting you through the life of that equipment. We offer handy tips and advice on how to be more energy efficient and reduce waste, as well as keeping you up-to-date with new legislation and how it might affect your business.

It also means giving our customers more options to go green. One of the best examples of this is our induction portfolio. Induction is extremely energy efficient, while also offering significant operational and practical benefits too.

More Information

For more information on our Greenlogic initiative and how we can help you, please download the Greenlogic brochure.

Energy-Saving Tips

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