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This section of our website is home to our video library. These shorts clips aim to provide straightforward, simple guidance on how to get the best from our products or demonstrate a product's specific feature. We've put two up to begin with, with many others in various stages of development.

Please contact us at web@falconfoodservice.com if there are any specific products or areas you would like to see in video format.

We have many more videos available on our youtube channel. Why not visit to see all our cleaning guides, operation advice and case studies?

Featured Video

Deep Cleaning a Falcon Chargrill

See how to remove all the components to allow for a thorough clean

There's no doubt that the best way to ensure your cooking equipment continues to deliver best performance is to regularly clean it. After service cleaning is good practice, but a regular deep clean is very important, particularly in the case of a chargrill, where food debris, fat and juices can block burners, stick on radiants and generally make a mess. 

This video shows how easy it is to remove all of the components from a Dominator Plus chargrill, enabling a deep and thorough clean and ensuring your appliance continues to provide the cooking performance you expect.

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