JET519V3 High Speed Oven

The Falcon Xpress Jet high speed baking oven combines convection and microwave cooking to deliver perfectly cooked and baked ovens in a fraction of the time of conventional appliances.

Unlike other models in the Falcon Xpress range, Jet models don't have impingement, meaning they deliver a gentler heat, making them ideal for all kinds of baked items, including pies, pizzas, baked potatoes, pastries and cakes. It can also be used as a microwave only if and when required, adding additonal flexibility and space saving to your kitchen.

Easy to use, compact, flexible and fast - everything a kitchen could want! You can even use metal cookware up to a height of 38mm! Ideal for cafes, pubs and bars, supermarkets and kiosks. 

Full spec here.



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