e3925 electric chargrill

The E3925 electric chargrill is ideal for kitchens that can't or won't use traditional gas models. Food is cooked directly upon the elements, providing the attractive branding that is expected from chargrilling.

The 2 x 6.7kW elements heat up quickly, meaning cooking temperature is reached significantly faster than gas models. The elements are independently-controlled, meaning that only half the cooking area (and so only half the energy) need be used during quiter service periods. The chargrill has a cooking area of 730mm x 590mm with an even and consistent temperature across the entire area. Individual magnetic sidescreens prevent spatter on adjacent equipment and can be easily removed and washed in a standard size sink.

The unit features a removable drip tray which does not need to be filled with water, it is there purely to catch grease and debris. The chamber below the elements can also be removed for cleaning. The elements swivel upwards and can be locked in place to allow easy access for cleaning. The elements themselves can be simply brushed clean.

Full spec here.



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