The E9641 electric wet well bain marie has a 1/1 gastronorm compatible well that can accommodate containers up to 150mm deep. The well is manually filled with water and can be drained easily using the valve located under the unit (behind the door). The unit has a temperature range of 70-90°C, making it ideal for holding food at the optimum serving temperature.

The hob is constructed from 2mm 304 grade stainless steel and laser cut with right angled edges to allow the joining of units with no gaps via the patented Dynamic Link System (DLS).

The unit is supplied on adjustable feet, with optional castors available.


  • 1/1 GN compatible well accommodates 150mm deep containers - Easy transfer to / from other kitchen / serving equipment
  • Temperature range from 50 - 90°C which is the ideal temperature to hold food before serving
  • Manual fill makes for an easy install as no water supply required
  • Manually drain pan from below - Just place bucket / pot below and open drain
  • IPX5 rated for easy and problem-free cleaning
  • Supplied with 13A plug that's ready to use as soon as it’s unpacked


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