The E9646 chip scuttle is ideal for holding chips at the optimal serving temperature. The unit has a simple on/off switch that operates the heat lamp and the element below the pan., ensuring the chips are heated from above and below.  The hob is constructed from 2mm 304 grade stainless steel and laser cut with right angled edges to allow the joining of units with no gaps via the patented Dynamic Link System (DLS).

The unit is supplied on adjustable feet, with fixed or mobile stand available. 


  • Heats chips from lamp above and element below ensuring food stays at optimum serving temperature
  • Dynamic Link System compatible - Integrated linking system allows quick and easy installation to create a seamless, continuous cookline
  • Simple switch on / off operation - easy to use
  • Stainless steel panels with Scotch Brite finish that looks great, ideal for front-of-house kitchens
  • Supplied with removable, angled base which is perfect for easy decanting of chips


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