With high output and fast recovery time, the G9341F twin basket fryer ensures that you can cope with the busiest service periods. The tank holds just 18 litres of oil. Oil temperature is thermostatically-controlled and has a range of 130-190°C, with safety thermostat fitted as standard to prevent overheating. Inbuilt filtration makes it easy to maintain oil quality for longer, thus offering savings on expensive oil and retaining food quality. The oil can be filtered while still warm, meaning filtration can take place whenever required, not just at end of service or first thing in the morning.

The G9341F can be used with natural, propane or butane gas, with easy conversion on-site. It also requires a 230V 50/60Hz power supply.

The hob is constructed from 2mm 304 grade stainless steel and laser cut with right angled edges to allow the joining of units with no gaps via the patented Dynamic Link System (DLS). It is also IPX5 rated, for ease of cleaning.


  • High efficiency burner system ensures quick heat up and reduced waiting time
  • Oil capacity is just 18 litres, meaning the unit is efficient to heat and economical to fill up
  • Automatic integrated 2-stage filtration increases oil longevity and quality
  • Manual controls are simple and ease to use


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