Falcon One Series induction is an affordable solution for those kitchens who want to experience the benefits of induction with the build quality and reliability you expect from Falcon but don’t need the high power or performance of the Dominator Plus equivalents.

This unit features 4 x 1.85kW heat zones which deliver instant heat and are easily controllable. When a more intense heat is required there is a boost function which takes the power rating of an individual zone up to 3kW for a short period of time. A digital display on the glass shows which setting each zone is operating at, making it simple to see and adjust if necessary.

Like all induction, the hob features in-built pan detection, meaning no wasted energy when there's no pot present, even if the heat zone is switched on. Each zone is 180mm wide and the hob is 6mm toughened glass, making it robust enough to cope with the roughest of pan work, as well as being quick and easy to clean, as spillages can simply be wiped clean.

The unit can be mounted on a fixed or mobile stand


  • 4 x 1.85kW heat zones with 3kW boost function provide instant heat and fast heat up times
  • In-built pan detection means no heat generated until a pan is placed on the hob, meaning no wasted energy
  • 6mm toughened glass hob is robust and spillages simply wipe clean, no scrubbing required
  • Temperature is precisely controllable, change from gentle simmer to rolling boil almost instantly
  • Low cooking surface temperature and no naked flames, safer for kitchen staff as reduced risk of burns
  • Very little heat emitted into kitchen contributes to a more pleasant working environment and existing ventilation doesn’t have to work as hard


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