Four 5kW heat zones, 6mm toughened glass hob and precise and instantly controllable heat zone power control. The E3904i induction hob adds performance, power and capacity to any kitchen. Supplied on adjustable legs as standard, with fixed and mobile stands available.


  • 4 x 5kW energy efficient heat zones provide instant heat and incredibly fast heat up times
  • In-built pan detection means no heat generated until a pan is placed on the hob, meaning no wasted energy
  • Heavy duty ceramic glass hob is robust and spillages simply wipe clean, no scrubbing required
  • Temperature is precisely controllable, change from gentle simmer to rolling boil almost instantly
  • Low cooking surface temperature and no naked flames, safer for kitchen staff as reduced risk of burns
  • Very little heat emitted into kitchen contributes to a more pleasant working environment and existing ventilation doesn’t have to work as hard


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