The ISM-1800S Scan and Heat microwave ensures food is cooked exactly as it's supposed to be, with no opportunity for operator error.

Operators create the cooking settings in a computer program, generating a QR code which is used to upload the timing to the microwave. A user then scans the product barcode, puts the food item in the oven and it is automatically cooked for the appropriate length of time.

Programs can be shared across microwaves via USB, so the manual upload to machine only has to be done once, not for every machine in the facility / operation.


  • Easy to use, just scan product barcode and the microwave does the rest, delivering absolutely consistent results
  • Minimal contact points so hygiene benefits for users and operators - users only need to touch the handle of the machine so this can be easily kept clean and strile with suitable antibacterial wipes
  • Units can be stacked for twice the capacity within the same footprint
  • No install expenses as supplied with 13A plug so ready to use as soon as unpacked
  • Each program can be set with up to 3 stages, giving chefs the opportunity to ensure the food is cooked exactly as it should be


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