The FC4 servery counter makes it easy to serve hot food to your customers. Four glass hot tops keep food items at optimum temperature while their 1/1 GN size makes it simple to transfer food from cooking equipment to the servery without having to decant into other containers.

The gantry features a full height glass sneeze guard and overhead lamps which also help keep food at ideal serving temperature.

The hotcupboard underneath is fan-assisted, ensuring an even heat across the entire chamber and making sure food is kept at the proper temperature whilst being held until required. The chamber holds 8 x 1/1 GN containers. the gantry, hot top and hotcupboard are all independently controlled so can be turned on and off as required, saving energy.

The unit is supplied on 4 castors, 2 of them braked, with a 13A plug with 2.5m coiled cable.


  • Individually controlled gantry, hot top and hotcupboard means areas can be switched off when not required, saving energy
  • 1/1 GN hot top and hotcupboard makes it easy to transfer food without decanting into other containers between unit and cooking equipment
  • Full height glass sneeze screen offers increased hygiene and food protection for assisted serving
  • The unit is easy to clean as the glass top simply wipes clean and the doors and shelving in the hotcupboard are removable for easier and more thorough cleaning
  • Thermostatically-controlled fan-assisted hotcupboard, glass hot tops and 200W gantry lamps combine to ensure ideal food temperature is maintained throughout duration of service
  • Easy to manoeuvre so can be quickly relocated after service if required


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