The F2HR meal delivery trolley is ideal for producing, holding and serving hot and chilled meals for customers away from the kitchen. It has two compartments, one an 8 x 1/1 GN oven and the other a GN fridge, thermally heated hot top, fully incorporated sneeze screen and intuitive 7" colour touch screen within which the operator can record and store information such as HACCP data, set cooking times and run diagnostic checks on the trolley.

Coloured LEDs on the gantry inform the user to current operational status. The oven is supplied with 8 shelves and can be configured to have 3 separate zones, each with their own temperature settings, allowing for a wide range of menu items to be cooked to perfection all at the same time. Air curtain and steam evacuation system ensures doors remain cool to touch and allows for safe steam dispersal.

The fridge is supplied with 4 x 1/1 GN grids and has a low GWP rating, providing reduced energy consumption. The fridge temperature remains the same regardless of oven temperature. An integrated food probe is also included as standard. Compartment doors can be locked for security and ensuring food integrity and safety if unit is unsupervised.

Non marking bumpers, 13A plug with 1.5m cable and plug park and offset castors for tighter turning all add to the manoeuvrabilty and convenience of this unit.Other power options, including a range of single and 3 phase, are also available.


  • 8 x 1/1 GN oven can be zoned to allow for a wide range of food items to be cooked perfectly
  • Colour touch screen is simple and intuitive to use and provides the ability to programme the oven, access and store HACCP information and run self diagnostic checks amongst other functions.
  • Message bar on controller and different coloured LED lights on gantry clearly indicate to user current operational status.
  • Integrated core probe automatically records HACCP data for peace of mind and compliance.
  • Ceramic hot top and gantry lights ensure food is kept warm during service
  • Oven performance unaffected by load - can be fully loaded on all 8 shelves and all products will cook as they should


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