Began life as the Falkirk Iron Company in 1819 in Falkirk, central Scotland.

In the mid 1800’s the company began to manufacture large coal-fired cooking ranges, laying the foundations for what was to eventually become their core business.

1929 - Joined with a number of other foundries across the UK to become Allied Ironfounders Ltd.

1969 - Allied Ironfounders taken over by Glynwed Foundries, who were embarking upon a major acquisition project which saw them double the size of their business and gave them a foothold into the foodservice industry.

This change in ownership provided the opportunity for the Falkirk Iron Co to become a manufacturing unit in its own right again, while still under Glynwed ownership, choosing the name Falcon and the distinctive logo to reflect one of the brand names used by the original company years before

1st catering equipment manufacturer to achieve ISO9001 for Quality Management.

1979 - The factory moved from its original base in Falkirk to Larbert, a few miles along the road.

1980 - Chieftain heavy duty range is introduced.

1983 - Falcon 350 compact medium duty series launched.

1990 - Launch of Dominator medium duty portfolio

1991 - Introduction of Pro-Lite light duty range

2001 - Glynwed changed its name to the Aga Foodservice Group, reflecting their focus on the foodservice business, manufacturing and supplying catering equipment to both the consumer and commercial markets.

2004 - Launch of the Infinity fryer, a revolutionary new product that substantially reduced the amount of oil required to deep fry food.

2004 - Move to current location in Stirling

2007 - The Ali Group SpA, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of commercial catering equipment, purchased the foodservice business from Aga, of which Falcon was an integral part.

Induction range launched

2008 - Environmental initiative, Greenlogic launched following achievement of ISO14001 accreditation

2011 - Awarded LACA Outstanding Supplier of the Year

2011 Dominator Plus range of equipment launched

2012 Invested £500,000 on new laser

2013 – Awarded CEDA Heavy Equipment Supplier of the Year

2013 – New website launched

2014 – Invested in state-of-the-art panel bending machinery.

2014 – Falcon combination oven products range introduced

2015 – Launch of F900 Series