Why Buy...a Dominator Plus Chargrill

Chargrilling is a great way to add succulent and beautifully branded food to your menu. It provides a unique flavour due to the food being cooked via two different methods of heat transfer – conduction and radiation.

Chargrilling is also advantageous to both the chef and the customer. The chef has a return on his financial outlay (i.e. the cost of the food cooked), which is not always the case when cooking something like a quiche, soup or a gammon, as you never know when a customer will order these menu items. The benefit to the customer is that they know that their food will be cooked to order, not simply reheated or been kept warm.

There are many different chargrills (or charbroilers) on the market so how do you know which one to choose? Falcon’s Dominator Plus chargrill has been designed by chefs for chefs so you can be absolutely confident that it has everything you could possibly need in a chargrill. We have listed below all of the our chargrill's features – each one is designed to improve an aspect of the chargrill, whether it be in areas such as heat transference, cleaning, capacity or efficiency.

  • Splashguards – prevent splashes onto other pieces of equipment/work areas, easily removed for cleaning.
  • Brander Bars:
Cast iron: provides heavy duty performance and excellent heat transfer and retention.
Reversible: during busy service periods when there is not the opportunity to clean the bars they can simply be turned over so the food can be cooked on clean bars.
Angled: means any fat or bits of food won’t drop directly onto the gas burners and cause undesired flaming.
Channelled: juices from the food will drop into the channels, from where it runs into the drip tray at the front of the unit.
  • Large cooking area – there’s no wasted space on a Falcon chargrill. The cooking area on every model is practically full width, ensuring maximum output. For example, the size of the G3925 model is 900mm wide by 770mm deep, with a cooking area of 880mm by 630mm.
  • Even heat distribution – clever design and placement of the burners ensures no cool spots on the chargrill.
  • Resting area – there is a rest area for food at the front of the brander bars which keeps the food hot without overcooking it – imperative in the foodservice profession where customers don’t eat at the pace you expect!
  • Radiants – cast iron for heavy duty performance and maintaining temperatures of over 300°C. They also protect the burners so that nothing can drop directly onto them.
  • Water tray, drip tray and grease jug – between these three containers, most debris and liquid are caught. As they are all removable it makes the chargrill easier to clean and keep clean.
  • Individual burner control enables the burner to be turned down if not in use, which saves energy and cost. Also allows an area of the chargrill to be cooler than the rest, possibly to cook more delicate foods.
  • Individual piezo ignition to each burner provides a reliable and efficient method of lighting at the touch of a button negating the need for naked flames.
  • The brander bars, radiants, splashguard, drip tray, water tray and grease jug are all easily removable which makes cleaning the chargrill easier.

To summarise, Dominator Plus chargrills have everything you need to produce succulent steaks, beautiful burgers and much more. For more information on our range of chargrills, please see the sidebar for model details, accessories and sales brochure.


The Chargrill Range

G3425 - 400mm wide, 1 burner, 4 brander bars

G3625 - 600mm wide, 2 burners, 6 brander bars

G3925 - 900mm wide, 3 burners, 9 brander bars

G31225 - 1200mm wide, 4 burners, 12 brander bars

G31525 - 1500mm wide, 5 burners, 15 brander bars


For more information on our range of chargrills, please download our product brochure.


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Lift-off griddle plate

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