Why Buy a sous vide?

The sous vide water bath has been developed specifically to aid the kitchen in their food production and service. A device that will enhance not only the flavour and texture of food products, the precision cooking under pressure will also ensure less food wastage, increase product yield and appearance. Here are Shaune's top 10 reasons for choosing this particular appliance:

  1. Accurate, precision temperature control for optimum cooking management
  2. Suitable to control cook a vast range of food items, under vacuum to perfection
  3. Large 28 litre tank to accommodate very large joints or smaller cuts / portions
  4. Easy and safe to operate, making chefs workload lighter
  5. Better food yield, natural appearance with a decrease in cooked food shrinkage
  6. Ability to capture and or enhance the flavours and desired textures of food
  7. Less food wastage due to controlled cooking, less opportunities to overcook
  8. 13amp standard plug fitted, therefor easy and fast installation
  9. No plumbing required manual fill    
  10. Unit is easy to clean, keep clean and maintain hygiene



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