Why Buy a Flexi Pan?

Our flexi pan is a multifunctional cooking device that can perform several methods of cookery - shallow fry, boil, braise, stew, poach and steam. It’s essentially a mini bratt pan, large pot, sauté pan, wok, griddle and pan steamer in one.

It's also the perfect complement to any cookline. Here’s a few reasons why:

Versatility - the flexi pan performs several different methods of cookery, ideal for main cooking or as a back up / additional capacity for other equipment

Compact - at only 400mm wide, this unit fits into any kitchen, regardless of size. The compact size of it makes it ideal for smaller kitchens in particular, as the versatility ensures it can be used all day, minimising the number of appliances required.

Ease of use - the flexi pan is so simple to use. The control panel provides optimum settings for the different cooking methods. The unit is supplied with a 200mm deep 1/1 GN container that sits below the pan into which soups and stews can be easily decanted.

Cleanability - it couldn’t be more straightforward to clean the flexi pan, during and after service. After cooking, fill the pan with soapy water, turn the heat right up and wipe clean, before removing the plug and draining the water into a bucket. Rounded corners in the bottom of the cabinet also prevent the accumulation of grease and grime.

Even cooking - consistent results every time with the pan delivering an even temperature across the entire cooking surface.

Rapid heat up - the unit not only reaches temperature quickly, it also recovers rapidly too, cutting down cooking times and making you more responsive.

Easy install - there’s no water connection needed with the flexi pan, making it a straighforward appliance to install into the kitchen.

Accurate thermostatic control - the chef can be in completely confident of temperature with the precise controls offered.

Our Flexi Pans are available in either F900 or Dominator Plus profiles. Click on the link at the side to view each model in more detail.


E9941 - F900 model

E3741 - Dominator Plus model



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