NABOO Boosted

NABOO Boosted is our top of the range combi brand, packed full of great features, cooking modes and functions that make it easier than ever to cook fantastic food time after time.

These Boosted models are smaller, more powerful and more efficient than ever before, and offer so many benefits to kitchen staff, including:

  • 10" colour HD touch screen controls which feature drag and drop style tablet style functionality
  • Configurable home screen which allows the user to save their most popular recipes to the home screen for faster access
  • Unlimited recipe storage
  • Just in Time and Multilevel cooking modes allow the oven to be operating at a fuller capacity more often. Double shelf option (Multilevel Plus) means twice as many different food items can now be produced at the same time
  • Intelligent oven recognition - this is where the oven identifies the recipes that can be cooked at the same parameters currently being used for a multilevel or just in time programme
  • Wifi connectivity - upload recipes from your pc or tablet, download recipes, videos and software updates from an online chef's portal, remote servicing and fault diagnosis and ease of recipe sharing across multiple locations
  • Automatic washing system makes it easy to keep the oven sparkling and clean
  • CALOUT Oven Protection System ensures the boiler remains free from scale buildup
  • Inbuilt retractable hand shower
  • Multipoint core probe


If you're an executive chef with multiple ovens across multiple sites, NABOO is for you.

If you're a chef who loves to push equipment to its limits, NABOO is for you.

If you need an oven that can ensure that your food items are cooked exactly as you want, even if you're not there, NABOO is for you.

If you love to experiment with recipes from all around the world, the hundreds of preloaded recipes means NABOO is for you.


Direct Steam Models
We're delighted to be able to offer even greater choice than ever before with the availability of boilerless models in all sizes. These models feature the same great usability and performance as standard Naboo models, the only difference being the oven generates steam directly rather than coming via a boiler. This means no CALOUT descaler is required.


ALL Models

Size Electric - Boiler Gas - Boiler Electric - Direct Steam Gas - Direct Steam
6 x 1/1 GN NAE061BS NAG061BS NAE061BV NAG061BV
10 x 1/1 GN NAE101BS NAG101BS NAE101BV NAG101BV
16 x 1/1 GN NAE161BS NAG161BS NAE161BV NAG161BV
20 x 1/1 GN NAE201BS NAG201BS NAE201BV NAG201BV
6 x 2/1 GN NAE062BS NAG062BS NAE062BV NAG062BV
10 x 2/1 GN NAE102BS NAG102BS NAE102BV NAG102BV
20 x 2/1 GN NAE202BS NAG202BS NAE202BV NAG202BV



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