Add flexibility and capacity to even the smallest kitchen with our multi-functional compact Flexi Pan. This unit can perform many methods of cookery, including shallow frying, boiling, stewing, poaching, braising and steaming. It’s essentially a mini bratt pan, large pot, sauté pan, wok, griddle, pan steamer and bain marie all in one 400mm wide unit.

The Flexi Pan has a temperature range of 60 - 280 degrees C and has a capacity of 12 litres. The unit is packed full of great features that makes kitchen staff's lives easier, such as a 200mm deep 1/1 GN tray below the pan for easy decanting of soups and stews and control panel icons showing the optimum setting for each cooking process.  The cabinet features an internal wrap with rounded corners for easy cleaning. Manual fill makes the unit easier to install. 


  • Stainless steel pan with duplex steel base
  • Versatile cooking performance
  • Retains heat so food can be kept warm without overcooking
  • Delivers even heating across the base of the pan
  • Able to carry out six different cooking methods
  • Can be used as a bain marie


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