Compact Combis - Space Saving Solution

Our range of compact combis are ideal for any kitchen as they offer many of the same features and the absolute same cooking performance as their larger counterparts. Where they do come into their own is in smaller kitchens - smaller in terms of available space, or demand.

Menu Choice

Compact combis - all models:

  • Electric
  • S (manual) or X (touch screen) controls
  • Can be fitted with condenser hood
  • Can be stacked for greater capacity and versatility

Our FCC models are only 510mm wide and trays are loaded in portrait fashion, while the FSC versions are loaded with trays in a landscape arrangement, but these are only 650mm deep. So whatever shape and size your kitchen is, there's a model to suit.

Additionally, all 6 shelf versions can be supplied single phase. This means that kitchens with limited power can still discover the benefits of combi cooking for themselves. By adding a condenser hood to any of these models, they can be located anywhere there is a suitable power and water supply - that could be restaurant front of house, on display in a butchers or delicatessen, in a supermarket, anywhere.

Compact Models

Electric models, 2/3 or 1/1 GN compatible, direct steam rather than boiler, Autoclean, handshower and probe supplied as standard:


FSC Models

Electric models, 1/1 GN compatible, only 650mm deep, landscape loading, CALOUT Oven Protection System, Autoclean, handspray and probe supplied as standard:

Falcon FSC 6S combination oven