Dominator Plus Boiling Tops and Tables

There are 10 different boiling tops available in the Dominator Plus range that provide versatility and flexibility to any kitchen. There are three main types to choose from:


There are four models to choose from - 2, 4 or 6 burner open top or solid top. The open tops have a semi- sealed pressed stainless steel hob, powerful, efficient 5.3kW burners and cast iron pan supports. The cast iron solid top model (G3127) has a 10.2kW rating. The open top units are available on legs or on a fixed or mobile stand. The solid top is only available on a fixed or mobile stand.


Two models to choose from - the E3121 three rectangular hotplate model or E3121 four hotplate version (two circular and two rectangular hotplates). These come mounted upon a fixed or mobile open stand.

Download the Dominator Plus Boiling Tops/Boiling Tables product brochure for more information on both gas and electric models.


Falcon induction boiling tops feature a 6mm thick toughened glass hob with a choice of two or four 270mm diameter cooking zones. Induction cooking is incredibly energy efficient with over 90% of heat directed into the pot. The cooking zones provide instantaneous and precise power control while the hob simply wipes clean. An induction wok boiling top is also available that features a single 5kW cooking zone. All models are available upon legs or on a fixed or mobile stand.

For more information on our induction range, please download our product brochure or visit our Dominator Plus induction page.

Gas Boiling Tops/Tables

G3122 - 2 burner open top

G3124 - 4 burner open top

G3121 - 6 burner open top

G3127 - Solid top (table only)

Electric Boiling Tables


E3121 3HP - 3 hotplate

E3121 4HP - 4 hotplate

Induction Boiling Tops


E3900i - Single wok indent

E3901i - 2 x 3.5kW cooking zones

E3902i - 2 x 5kW cooking zones

E3903i - 4 x 3.5kW cooking zones

E3904i - 4 x 5kW cooking zones