Dominator Plus Griddles

Dominator Plus is designed to suit any kitchen. Our comprehensive product range means that not only will you be able to find the type of appliance you need, it'll be available in a width that suits your business. Take these griddles for example, we currently have seven models available in three different widths. The griddle plate itself can be either smooth or ribbed on smaller units or all smooth or half-ribbed on wider models.

Earlier this year, we introduced an electric griddle to meet demand from all-electric kitchen facilities. All griddle plate models have polished steel plates to provide even cooking across the entire plate surface. Gas models feature piezo ignition to each individual burner (a single burner in 400mm wide models, two on 600mm and three on 900mm wide units). Electric griddle plates are heated by a thermostatically-controlled element. All are supplied mounted upon adjustable legs but fixed or mobile stands are available.

For further information, please download our griddle plate product brochure.

Gas Griddles

G3441 - 400mm smooth plate

G3641 - 600mm smooth plate

G3641R - 600mm half-ribbed plate

G3941 - 900mm smooth plate

G3941R - 900mm half-ribbed plate

Electric Griddles

E3441 - 400mm smooth plate

E3441R - 400mm ribbed plate

E3481 - 800mm smooth plate

E3481R - 800mm half ribbed plate