Falcon induction series

Dominator Plus Induction

No-one is more committed to helping reduce energy use in your kitchen than Falcon. Perfect examples of this commitment are our high efficiency induction ranges and boiling tops. Induction cooking is different from any conventional cooking technique.

High frequency alternating current flows through a copper coil below a glass-ceramic plate. When a pan with an iron base is placed upon the cooking zone, a magnetic field is created to heat the pan base. The heat then transfers directly to the pan contents to provide fast, efficient cooking.

Induction offers many benefits to kitchen staff, including:

  • Minimal installation expense - No need for expensive gas interlocking
  • Contributes to a more pleasant working environment - reduced heat emissions means cooler kitchen
  • Safer for kitchen staff - no visual flames means less risk of burns
  • Easy to clean surface - no more scrubbing at the end of service - hob is simply wipe clean
  • Temperature instantly controllable - Immediately change hob temperature as and when required
  • More efficient - over 90% of energy goes directly into pot (gas is typically 50%) - boils 1 litre of room temperature (22˚C) water in less than 100 seconds (20kW model)

We have two different types of induction appliance available:

Oven range - with a choice of 4 x 3.5kW or 4 x 5kW cooking zones, this 1/1 gastronorm compatible oven range is the ultimate cooking machine.

Boiling top - available with either 2 or 4 x 3.5 or 5kW cooking zones, these boiling tops add performance and capacity to any kitchen. Supplied on legs as standard, with optional fixed or mobile stand.

For more information on our induction portfolio, download the Dominator Plus Induction brochure or click on any of the products on the right.


E3913i - 4 x 3.5kW cook zones

E3914i - 4 x 5kW cook zones

Boiling Tops

E3901i - 2 x 3.5kW cook zones

E3902i - 2 x 5kW cook zones

E3903i - 4 x 3.5kW cook zones

E3904i - 4 x 5kW cook zones