The Groen brand has been synonymous with quality and performance in steaming and baking applications for more than a century.

The company introduced the first steam-jacketed kettle in 1907 and have been committed to product excellence ever since. Their product range now contains an extensive number of gas and electric steam-jacketed kettles, steamers and braising pans.

Groen units are built using high quality materials to assure performance where it matters (i.e. reinforced rims and highly polished, easy to clean pans), helping make your kitchen even more efficient and effective.

Gas Products

AH/1-20 Steam-jacketed boiling pan

AH/1-40 Steam-jacketed boiling pan

DH-20 Floor-standing tilting kettle

DH-40 Floor-standing tilting kettle

BPM-30G Braising pan

BPM-40G Braising pan

Electric Products

HY-3E HyPerSteam pressureless steamer

HY-5E HyPerSteam pressureless steamer

Groen table top kettle

DEE/4-20 Tilting kettle

DEE/4-40 Tilting kettle

BPM-30E Braising pan

BPM-40E Braising pan

TDBC7-20 Table top kettle

TDBC7-40 Table top kettle