SAPIENS Reloaded

SAPIENS has been designed for those chefs who are looking for a more basic, manually controlled combi oven. SAPIENS features the same great cooking performance as NABOO, but is ideal for those kitchens who want just want to switch the oven on and get cooking without worrying too much about programming, additional cooking modes and wifi connectivity.

  • Two alphanumeric displays with scroller knobs to set temperature and cooking time
  • 2.4" LCD screen for easy access to stored recipes, washing programs, fan speeds and various other settings
  • 99 recipe storage capacity
  • Variable fan setting (6 speeds)
  • Automatic washing system makes it easy to keep the oven sparkling and clean
  • CALOUT Oven Protection System keeps the boiler free from scale buildup
  • Inbuilt hand shower
  • LED bar which gradually switches off as cooking time concludes or core temperature is reached

If you're looking for a combination oven that offers great performance and is simple to use, don't look any further than SAPIENS.

New Direct Steam Models

We're delighted to be able to offer even greater choice than ever before with the availability of boilerless Sapiens units. These models feature the same great usability and performance as standard Sapiens models, the only difference being the oven generates steam directly rather than coming via a boiler. This means no CALOUT descaler is required.

Available models:

Model Capacity Power
SAEV071R 7 x 1/1 Electric
SAEV101R 10 x 1/1 Electric
SAEV171R 17 x 1/1 Electric
SAGV071R 7 x 1/1 Gas
SAGV101R 10 x 1/1 Gas
SAGV171R 17 x 1/1 Gas


Electric and gas models, 1/1 GN or 2/1 GN compatible:

Electric Gas
1/1 models
2/1 models


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How To SAPIENS Reloaded

We've created a series of short How To videos explaining some of the basic functions of the SAPIENS Reloaded, including turning on/off, manual cooking, creating programs and using the automatic washing system.

View them all here.