See the Benefits of Lainox at one of our Live Cooking Events

Come and see for yourself the fantastic features and perfect performance of our Lainox combi ovens at one of our Lainox Live cooking demonstrations. Our chefs will show just how easy these ovens are to use and how they can benefit your business.

Upcoming Events

Birmingham Bury Yeovil London
29th November 4th December 14th November 20th November
11th December 17th December

Each event begins at 12 noon and lasts for approx 2 hours.

Places are limited so book yours today!

For more information or to reserve your place click here

Get Connected with NABOO

Manage your combi when you want, wherever you are with the Lainox Cloud.

Stay in Control

Add, amend and delete recipes and cooking instructions, view HACCP info and stay connected to your oven

Keep it Consistent

Make a change to a recipe and synchronise it across your entire combi estate, wherever the ovens are in the world

Quickly Connect

Wifi as standard across the NABOO range means you can be connected quickly and easily

Get yourself connected at our Lainox Live events, where you can see just how easy it is to manage NABOO!