Introducing Oracle

One Touch for Fast Cooked Food

Oracle is the ideal choice for when you want to offer hot food fast without compromising quality. Perfect for cafés, bistros, snack bars, quick service restaurants, service stations and sports clubs, as well as schools, universities and hotel room service. Indeed Oracle is ideal for anywhere that food needs to be produced and served quickly.

Oracle fits comfortably on a 700mm deep counter and despite being only 358mm wide can produce food up to 300mm in diameter.

The 7" touch screen display can be configured to suit the users requirements, showing only those recipes that are required for your menu. Other food items can be easily added and timings amended, as well as being able to upload your own images for instant recognition. It only takes one touch to start cooking too - put the item into the oven and press the button!

Not only does Oracle produce food fast, can be installed fast and can start cooking fast, cleaning is also fast with the rapid cooling system and the non-stick oven lining. Cleaning chemicals are also available to prevent grease sticking to the oven chamber or to remove any existing grease.

Oracle comes complete with built in wifi, ethernet and usb connections, allowing software updates and enhancements to be added as and when they become available.

How fast is Oracle? Well, as an example a frozen pizza can be cooked to perfection in only 75 seconds, a mere quarter of the time it would take to cook the same item in a combi or fan-assisted oven.

There's a range of accessories available to help you get the most out of your Oracle too - from an aluminium peel to help load / unload the oven, a ribbed cooking plate ideal for browning and toasting and a stone plate that's perfect for pizzas to non-stick smooth or perforated teflon trays, an upper shelf rest that's a handy place to store your accessories and as open stand. See the accessories tab for all available options.


We have a range of accessories designed to help you get the most from your Oracle. These include an aluminium peel, ribbed cooking plate, teflon trays, stand and cleaning chemicals.

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