Falcon Xpress High Speed Ovens

Greater quality, freshness and consistency. Less time, labour, equipment, space and waste. That’s what you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced foodservice market. That’s exactly what the Falcon Xpress family of high speed ovens make possible. Each and every time — no matter how busy it gets.

When it comes to speed, Falcon Xpress first priority is food quality. It’s not just about speed and quality though. Our ovens give you the ability to cook more types of food from a single appliance, allowing you to expand your menu while reducing the amount of equipment required to produce it. Combine this with simplified menu management and controls that can be used by staff of any skill level, and it's easy to see how Falcon Xpress ovens can take your operation to the next level.

Power, Performance and Efficiency

Falcon Xpress ovens ensure consistent, repeatable results, every single time, regardless of who’s using the oven. Optimised multiple cooking technologies deliver power, speed, performance and efficiency.

The tools you need to succeed

The demand for high quality food that’s cooked fast is growing across all segments. To meet that demand you need an oven that’s designed to deliver. Busy times, slow times—all the time. Falcon Xpress ovens are built to exceed your expectations.


High Speed Baking Oven

Ideal for Cafes and Bakeries

Moderate toasting/browning

Perfect pastries, cook to order

Perfect complement to main cookline

Simplified controls

Perfect for multi-unit operators


Toasts, bakes, grills to order

QSR/high volume, high speed

Consistent during peak periods

More even toasting/browning

Single 'plate/item' cook to order

Looks great front of the house

True-Touch HD Touchscreen


Bake, grill, toast, roast

Heat, Regenerate, Finish, Bake

QSR/high volume/speed batches

Fastest toasting/browning

Exceptional quality and throughput

Front or back of house

True-Touch HD touchscreen