Your New, Better, Faster Baker

When baking is a big part of your menu, and you're looking to decrease service time and simplify your process - look no further than the JET.

‚ÄčThe JET is an incredibly popular high speed cooking ovens. Popular with leading bakers, deli's, pubs, sandwich shops and more, with operators appreciating the exceptional results this oven produces in a fraction of the time compared to traditional baking ovens.

The secret to its ability to deliver both speed and quality lies with its optimised airflow, powerful convection and gentle microwave to produce even the most delicate of baked goods.

As good a baking oven as the JET is, what sets it apart is the full range of other menu items it handles with ease, with the same great results. From pizza to steamed vegetables, toasted sandwiches, seafood, and beyond. It's so versatile you can look at eliminating other pieces of equipment.

The JET uses a simplified control strip. HD touchscreens are great but more expensive, and for many operators, the one-touch cooking the JET provides is perfect.

Plus, it's completely compatible with the Menu Management application, so creating or updating your menus across one or multiple locations is a breeze.


When you want high quality baked goods fast

  • 2700 watts of convection bakes, toasts, grills, roasts and more
  • Available 1400 or 1900 watts of microwave power for speed
  • Convection, microwave, combination for a wide variety of uses


When a better value speed oven matters

  • Available in 2 configurations - choose the one that suits you best
  • Front or back of the house applications
  • Simplified controls are easy to use


Ideal applications

  • Cafés, delis and bake shops
  • Supermarket and retail
  • Perfect for overnight hotel room service
  • Pubs, bars and restaurants - diners too
  • Full one-year no haggle warranty - three years on the magnetron


Your menu in a fraction of the time

  • Tray of pastries from frozen - under 4 minutes
  • Ham and cheese toastie - 2 minutes
  • Full breakfast in under 3 minutes


Easy to use, own, clean and maintain

  • Fast enough to thrill customers with fresh food on demand
  • Free remote menu management application makes programming one or more locations super-easy
  • Compact footprint - stackable to save even more space - double the production in the same space
  • Removable filter with clean-filter reminder
  • Smart USB standard - no special formatting required


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