The Front Of The House Everything Oven

If you're looking for a front of the house 'everything' oven, the Falcon Xpress MRX is it. Sure it cooks lightning fast - but it's the quality, consistency, versatility, and ease of use that will grab your attention.
Grill, bake, steam and toast with ease. Pizza, panini's, toasted sandwiches, entrées, appetisers — you name it, the Falcon Xpress MRX cooks it - to perfection. When you have an oven as versatile as this, other equipment becomes almost obsolete. That means more variety in less space at a lower cost.

It's ventless. So, you can locate the oven almost anywhere. Hood space is expensive and limiting - with the Falcon Xpress MRX you can avoid both.
The best part is how easy the oven is to use. Anyone can operate this oven. Large high definition food icons make cooking errors a thing of the past - no matter what the skill level of the operator is. Not only does that help to eliminate cooking errors, it lowers waste too. And, keeps customers coming back for more.

When it comes to power and speed, the Falcon Xpress MRX stands head and shoulders above everything else in its class. No matter how busy you get, you'll get consistently delicious results every time.

When it comes to onboard intelligence, diagnostics, and connectivity, the Falcon Xpress MRX covers all three. Wifi, ethernet, and SMART USB are standard equipment. Our exclusive Menu Management app is too. Creating and or updating your menu's across one or multiple locations is intuitive and couldn't be easier.


  • Radically reduce service time
  • No sacrifice in food quality
  • Produce more with less equipment
  • Toast, grill, bake, and steam—fresh, and on-demand
  • Consistent results even during peak periods
  • Highest definition recipe photos in its class
  • Eliminate cooking errors
  • Greater consistency, less waste
  • User-friendly - anyone can operate
  • Locate anywhere - no ventilation required
  • Saves operating expenses too



Best in its class speed, performance and reliability

  • 4000 or 5000 watts of power
  • Consistent high quality results
  • Convection, Impingement, Microwave-assist

Smarter, Safer, Faster

  • True Touch™ HD Touchscreen 'smartphone-easy' to use
  • HD photo icons means error-free cooking made easy
  • Easy to customize for any menu, concept or brand
  • Remote menu management application included
  • Easily update menus across one or multiple locations
  • Wifi, ethernet and Smart USB standard


Ideal applications

  • QSR - consistent quality no matter how busy it gets
  • Hospitality - all day breakfast, room service
  • Fastest sandwiches, subs and paninis
  • Pizzeria - 12" pizza, wings, apps and more
  • Casual and fine - lunch, apps and entrées
  • Cafés, bars, pubs—food courts and kiosks
  • Bakes, toasts, grills and roasts

Easy to clean and maintain

  • Exclusive non-stick oven liners supplied as standard
    • Saves on cleaning chemicals and time
  • Three cleanable magnetic air filters with cleaning reminder
    • Improves performance and operating life
  • Gasket-free, easy to clean door 

No special cookware required

  • Accepts metal pans up to 38mm tall
  • Remote Menu Management app, wifi, ethernet and Smart USB Standard
  • Menu Management App makes programming a breeze
  • Smart USB requires no special formatting
  • Ready to connect via wifi or ethernet
  • Use the app and transfer files over the local network


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