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Our development chef Shaune Hall has worked in the foodservice industry for over 25 years. His primary role is to get the very best from our products through using the equipment every day, cleaning it and doing everything a typical chef would do. It provides him with an intimate knowledge of the product and in this section, we try to share some of his experience with you, in addition to providing more general advice and information.

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Top Tips for Chargrilling Perfection

Get the most from your Dominator Plus chargrill with these top tips.

Chargrilling can be a great way to cook food, as it provides the customer with beautifully branded, flavoursome and moist menu items that can't fail to satisfy. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best results from your Dominator Plus chargrill:

Before you start, ensure:

  • All components are clean and in their proper place.
  • The water trough has been topped up to the recommended level.
  • The branding bars have been brushed lightly with vegetable oil.
  • All necessary cooking utensils are close by.
  • Protective clothing is worn (particularly long sleeves).

Preheat the chargrill on the large flame setting for 40 minutes before starting to cook.

When grilling:

  • If cooking meats use good quality cuts.
  • Dominator Plus chargrills are ideal for all your chargrilling requirements.Periodically check the water level in the water trough. If water dries up it will be more difficult to clean at the end of service.
  • Empty grease jug occasionally.
  • Keep the branding bars free of burnt-on food using the scraper tool supplied.
  • If necessary, turn the bars over half way through service. This will give a clean cooking surface and any burnt-on food on the reverse will carbonise and fall into the water trough.
  • Allow the food to relax on the resting area before serving.
  • Don't over-marinade or over-oil foodstuffs before placing on the grill in case of flare-up.

The Dominator Plus chargrill has been designed to be easy to clean, with brander bars, radiants, sidescreens, grease jug and water trough all removable. Please remember to wear gloves when removing components as the radiants and brander bars retain heat for a long time after the appliance has been switched off.

For more information on Dominator Plus chargrills, please view Why buy a Dominator Plus Chargrill? in our Why Buy section.





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