Seasoning a Cast Iron Bratt Pan

Getting a bratt pan ready for service

Bratt pans are an important part of any busy, high production kitchen as they offer great versatility, being able to carry out 6 of the 12 methods of cooking - braise, boil, stew, poach, steam and shallow fry. Before you start to use your new cast iron bratt pan, it’s important to season it properly, otherwise food will stick to the pan and it quite simply won’t work as well as it should.

To season the pan:

  • Wash thoroughly in lots of hot soapy water and scrub clean with a scourer until no signs of dirt, dust or rust appear.
  • Dry thoroughly with a dry clean cloth.
  • Place into the bratt pan salt  -  probably up to 50mm deep. Make sure the lid is up.
  • Turn on to a medium heat and leave on for hours until the salt turns to a light golden colour.  During this time do not shake or the stir the salt.
  • When golden in colour, turn the heat off.  Again do not touch it - allow it to cool down naturally.  This may take several hours.
  • When cool remove the salt and keep it in a receptacle for future use as it may be used again.
  • Make sure the pan is completely free of all grains of salt and completely dry.
  • Pour in vegetable oil  -  probably up to 30mm or so.  Keep the lid up.
  • Turn on heat,  again set for medium heat. This time you need to keep an eye on it so don’t wander off.
  • The oil should get hot but don’t let it get too hot. Use a probe thermometer to be safe. Don’t allow the oil to reach over 150ºC.
  • Turn off the bratt pan once the oil has reached 150ºC and allow the oil to cool down.
  • Drain the oil when cool.
  • Wipe the bratt pan clean.
  • Get into the good habit of wiping the inside of bratt pan with a kitchen paper towel and a little vegetable oil on a daily basis after use.


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