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Our development chef Shaune Hall has worked in the foodservice industry for over 25 years. His primary role is to get the very best from our products through using the equipment every day, cleaning it and doing everything a typical chef would do. It provides him with an intimate knowledge of the product and in this section, we try to share some of his experience with you, in addition to providing more general advice and information.

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Baking Bread in a Falcon Combi

Superb soda bread just in time for St Patrick's Day

Baking soda bread in a Falcon combiWith St Patrick’s Day fast approaching, we decided it would be good to make some soda bread in our Falcon GEM T10X combination oven, and share with you the cooking programme. Development Chef Neil Roseweir made up a batch of soda bread using his tried and tested recipe, then into the combi it went, on the following cooking programme:

Step 1

Cooking mode: Combination; Temperature: 175°C; Time: 10 minutes; 10% steam; Fan speed: 3

Step 2 
Cooking mode: Convection; Temperature: 175°C; Time: 23 minutes; no steam; Fan speed: 3

Step 3
Cooking mode: Convection; Temperature: 175°C; Time: 2 minutes; Fast Dry mode; Fan speed: 3

Once the cooking programme is complete, an alarm will sound. Remove the bread from the oven, allow to cool, then enjoy.

Soda bread baked in a Falcon combi

In a standard oven the bread would usually be baked at a temperature of over 200°C, for about 40 minutes. Baking it in a combination oven, and using the steps outlined above, not only shortens the cooking time, it makes it easier for the baker, as there’s no need to open the oven door to let steam out towards the end of cooking, turn up the heat for the last few minutes to ensure a crispy crust or even add any water at the beginning to encourage the bread to rise. This programme tells the combi to do all of these things automatically.

Adding 10% steam for the first step encourages the bread to rise that little bit at the start. By using the Fast Dry feature for the final two minutes, all the moisture is removed from the oven chamber, helping to ensure a nice crispy crust. 



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